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placing garnishes on a cupcake

The Best Cupcake Bakeries in Charlotte

You’ll Love These Sweet Cupcake Bakeries in Charlotte

There is something about a cupcake, topped with a perfect pillar of icing, that brings a smile to your day. Cupcakes are delightful and delicious bunches of happiness and now these excellent Charlotte bakeries are making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite cupcakes with delectable cupcake creations baked fresh every day. Moreover, each of these bakeries is close to our luxury Charlotte apartments at Cielo. 

Suarez Bakery

Suarez Bakery is dedicated to baking up the most delectable cupcakes around. They offer a full and fabulous cupcake menu that includes traditional flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, as well as more unique flavors such as cannoli and Oreo. In addition, Suarez Bakery makes special allowances for dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free and dairy-free. Advanced notice is requested on any special orders. You can pick up cupcakes both in the store and by pre-order, making it extra easy to enjoy your favorite flavors of cupcakes anytime you like. 

SAS Cupcakes

SAS Cupcakes is devoted to creating the most mouth-watering cupcakes imaginable. Their cupcakes are made from scratch every morning. Each day there are special flavors, as well as flavors they make every day, that are sure to bring you joy. SAS Cupcakes also offers specialty options such as gluten-free to make sure all of their customers get to delve into some deliciousness. 

Smallcakes Utopia

Smallcakes Utopia is dedicated to whipping up fabulous culinary creations for its customers each and every day. They believe that cupcakes are happiness, and they do their best to bake some of the most irresistible cupcakes around. Smallcakes Utopia has fun flavors such as Lick My Fingers Butterfinger, Fruit Pebbles, and Tuxedo. Each cupcake is a delectable and tasty adventure that is sure to make you smile.

Best of all, each of these cupcake bakeries is close to our luxury Charlotte apartments. Now you can take a martial arts class and pick up a cupcake for a reward on the way home and still be home in time to rest and relax. For more information contact us today.