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Learn About Local History at These Museums in Pooler


If you're interested in checking out a nice museum for a fun educational experience, then you’ll be happy to know there are a few near our apartments in Pooler.

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Closed on Mondays and open through the rest of the week, the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force is a popular attraction in the city of Pooler. They host events, birthday parties, tours, and, of course, showcase the history of America's Air Force. They have over 26K flags displayed in honor of fallen soldiers too, and you can take home commemorative items from the museum gift shop.

Children's Museum of Pooler

Whether you have a child, or you're simply a child at heart, going to the Children's Museum of Pooler can make for a fun-filled day. There's a traveling exhibit provided by the Smithsonian exploring the inventions of 19 American women too. Learn about these astronauts, computer pioneers, athletes, engineers, and teenagers whenever this event rolls around to this museum. You can also attend events, parties, camping, and field trips at the Museum of Pooler. It's a great way to get involved with your community!

Richmond Hill History Museum

In the town of Richmond Hill, not far from Olympus Carrington, sits the Richmond Hill History Museum. If you participate in the Coastal Brian Heritage Trail, this museum is stop number 11 on the tour. You'll get to see the Richmond Hill Kindergarten and the old Bailey Carpenter Barber Shop. Both of these exhibits are a rich part of the history of this Georgia town. These structures were around in the 1940s, and were both purchased by the famous Henry Ford! In case you don't know who he was, Henry Ford invented the widely used assembly line technique of mass production. It's definitely one of the coolest and most history-rich places in Georgia.

If you’re interested in living in a vibrant area rich with history, then contact the team at Olympus Carrington to inquire about our apartments, amenities, and tours of the community. Don't forget to check out these pretty places in Pooler either!


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