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Here are 3 Awesome Comic Book Stores in Tampa, Florida

The Best Comic Book Stores in Tampa

Who doesn't enjoy reading a comic book every once in a while? From superheroes to sci-fi epics, comic book stores tend to sell a range of items for the nerd-at-heart, and there's no shame in enjoying that. Fortunately, there are several comic book stores near our Tampa apartments where you can "get your nerd on!"

Comics & Stuff

Calling themselves the "peddlers of picture books", Comics & Stuff is a small comic book store in Tampa, FL. They, of course, sell comic books, but also have a range of other products including trading cards and graphic novels. The comic books they do have include raw comic books and graded comic books, as well as those you'd normally find in any book store. 

Nerd Out Comics

Nerd Out Comics is a popular comic book store near the apartments in Tampa. They sell or buy anything and everything comic book, movie, or board game related. Whether you're a superhero, Stephen King, or Munchkin fan, you'll find something at this store that's perfect for you. Nerd Out Comics even sells valuable collectables! Buy what you want, or sell what you no longer need, and find yourself immersed in a comic-filled dream.

Coliseum of Comics

As the name implies, Coliseum of Comics is filled to the brim with everything comic, movie, and anime related. They also host events for fans of the popular RPG board game Dungeons and Dragons. A big thing they participate in is Free Comic Book Day, which is on May 7th every year at all of their locations. Also, if you're a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon, the Coliseum of Comics hosts tournaments for these anime-based trading card games. Go on over to this Tampa store and have some fun!

Excited about these amazing comic book stores near the apartments in Tampa? Get ready to live nearby and contact us at Canopy at Citrus Park. Ask about our amenities, floor plans, and don't forget to schedule a tour of your new home! While you're planning your move, check out these lovely beaches in Tampa. FL too.


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