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Two vets smiling while placing a stethoscope on a golden retriever

Get Quality Care for Your Pet at These Animal Hospitals in Lantana


Whether you have a cat, dog, or a scaly pal, it's essential to find an experienced veterinarian for your pet’s health. Even if your pet doesn't show any sign of illness, it's a good idea to take your four-legged best friend in for a checkup. There are several excellent vets near our Lantana apartments. Make an appointment today!

Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital

One of the highest-rated veterinarians in the Lantana area, Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital caters to all kinds of pets. You can make an appointment online, fill out required forms, and learn a few new things from the blog posts on their website. A unique service they offer is acupuncture therapy for your pet. This can be good for joint pain, behavior issues, and seizures. It's safe to say this animal hospital will care for all your pet's needs.

Jog Lantana Animal Clinic

Jog Lantana Animal Clinic is another great veterinary clinic in the Lantana area. They specialize in the care of dogs, cats, and ferrets. When you are looking for some of the best care around, check out Jog Lantana. You can even apply for a credit card with them to help pay for your vet visits. Jog Lantana offers dental care, wellness visits, a pharmacy, and treatments for skin and allergy concerns.

Regional Animal Hospital

Regional Animal Hospital provides more services for your pet than most veterinary clinics out there. They offer boarding, surgery, and even diet counseling. They have a full pharmacy for all pet medication needs and provide dental care and testing for diagnosis. When your pet is in need, they're there to provide quality care.

If you’re looking for more pet content, check out our tips for cat owners on our blog. Contact us at Oceanside Lantana to rent one of our beautiful Lantana apartments near these great animal hospitals. Ask about our floor plans and don't forget to schedule a tour!