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Two goats surrounded by wooden fence and trees.

Appreciate Farm Life at an Animal Sanctuary Near Jacksonville

Whether you grew up on a farm or not, appreciating and caring for animals can be extremely rewarding. One outstanding way that you can learn more about them is visiting an animal sanctuary near our apartments in Jacksonville. This gem is Celestial Farms and it's right by Mirador & Stovall. Here's what you need to know for your visit there.

Background on the Sanctuary

This super cool destination has a mission to care for animals and educate the public. Celestial Farms is a non-profit organization that takes in and rehabilitates a range of animals. Some examples include pigs, sheep, and chickens. There are even larger livestock like cows, horses, and ponies.

How to Support the Sanctuary

The simplest way that you can help keep the sanctuary up and running is by stopping by for a visit! It's $5 for admission, and it helps contribute to the cost of feeding and caring for the animals on the farm.

In addition, you can also volunteer your time. If you love animals, this is a great way to enjoy farm life if even just for a few hours at a time. There are also opportunities for group volunteer projects for your company or organization. To start your volunteering journey, register online. After that, you will schedule an orientation and then plan your volunteering schedule.

Programs and Events

When in season, the farm holds a bustling market and festivals. Shop local vendors while chowing down on treats and grub from different food trucks. Check the calendar in the fall to see what's going on.

A fun and different way to enjoy the space is through private events. From parties, to team events, to gorgeous photography sessions, everyone is sure to have a good time.

For another way to support animal life besides visiting the sanctuary, head to the Jacksonville Zoo. You're just minutes away from all kinds of attractions and events at Mirador & Stovall. If you’re looking for a new home and want to get a better look at our Jacksonville apartments, contact us for a tour!