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Two people feeding and petting giraffes

3 Fun and Exciting Things You Can Do at the Jacksonville Zoo

Enjoy Wildlife and Nature at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

With Florida's gorgeous sunshine and beautiful weather, it's nice to step out and behold local beauty. When you're looking for time to enjoy and reflect near our River City apartments, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is just the spot. Here's what you can check out on the zoo's over 100 acres of wonder.

Art Exhibits and Festivals

As part of the zoo's support of art and culture, visitors can enjoy art exhibits on permanent display throughout the grounds. You can't miss the impressive giraffe sculpture when walking through the front gates. The steel giraffe towers over 20 feet high and was sculpted by University of North Florida professor Jenny Hager. Be sure to admire the other great installations as you walk the zoo.

For fun activities, food, and entertainment, the Art in the Garden Festival, held in late May, offers two days of creativity. Check back at the zoo's website when more information becomes available and to purchase tickets.

Admire the Animals

No zoo trip would be complete without observing the amazing animals. Check out the African lion. This dubbed king of the jungle can weigh as much as 550 pounds and stand four feet tall at the shoulder. 

Don't forget the aviary offerings. There's a bald eagle, colorful blue and yellow Macaws, and the blue-billed curassow, among so many other beauties. 

Walk the Gardens

As the name includes, you'll also find some amazing garden spaces to peruse. The Riverview Gardens is the newest addition to the grounds. It focuses on the animals that live on the river as well as pollinators and butterflies. Some of the towering shade trees include live oaks and the native bald cypress. These super cool trees served as building material for Native Americans, who used them for making homes, boats, and coffins.

After a great day at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, grab a tasty meal at a local Mexican restaurant. When you want to check out a new place to live, contact us for a tour of our apartments in River City. We'll show you all that our vibrant apartments have to offer.


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