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Reddish Egret at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch near Vistara at SanTan Village in Gilbert, Arizona



Just seven minutes from Vistara at SanTan Village is the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch which provides outstanding birdwatching opportunities.

Close to two hundred species have been spotted, and the preserve attracts visitors from around the world who are surprised by how many feathery creatures they see during their adventure.

Every third Saturday from October through March, the Desert Rivers Audubon holds free guided bird walks with an expert.

Birds you may see along the way include:

Reddish Egrets - Reddish egrets are medium to large-sized birds that feature all gray bodies, reddish necks, and pink bills with a black tip. They're active foragers, and birdwatchers often spot them jumping or running in pursuit of fish.

Zone-Tailed Hawk - Zone-tailed hawks are tropical birds that call the southwestern United States home. They're identified by their black feathers with two or three light bands on their tails, along with their call that is a high, harsh scream. In flight, they look like turkey vultures, and the birds are often seen flying together.

Solitary Sandpiper - Solitary sandpipers display dark olive feathers with scattered white spots, medium-sized bills, and moderately long legs. They're usually seen along the banks of creeks and ponds during migration, and they entertain birdwatchers with their high-pitched whistled "weet-weet" calls.

The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is just one of the many outdoor attractions that you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Gilbert home. Please contact us to schedule a tour so you can see our new, upgraded community firsthand.