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A paved trail in a rocky desert setting with cacti and bushes against a backdrop of a clear sky at sunset | trails in Gilbert

The Best Parks with Trails in Gilbert

Get Your Steps In at These Parks with Trails in Gilbert

Sometimes, you just want to take an easy walk through a local trail at a nearby park. You don't need to drive to a faraway destination to hike up significant mountains. Some of the best parks with trails to walk are close to our apartments in Gilbert, AZ, giving you easy access to the simple walking workout you're hoping to achieve.

Discovery District Park

Discovery District Park spans 48 acres. You'll find spots for fishing, basketball, volleyball, barbecuing, and more. The wide network of multi-use trails is ideal for both walking and biking. The trails are free to use between the park's open hours of 5:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Be sure to view their map before you head out so you know where you're going. Many patrons enjoy exploring the trails surrounding the butterfly garden. 

Freestone District Park

Freestone District Park was the first of its kind in Gilbert and has now expanded to a whopping 88 acres of developed area. An additional 32 acres remain undeveloped, though that could change as new additions make their way into the vicinity. Walk the trails and paths around this park and discover the many amenities and favorite features. 

Walk a full mile on the path that winds around the lake at this park. Stop at the many benches available when you need a break and look out across the serene water. Gilbert Regional Park may be home to numerous amenities, but the walking path to explore gives you all the views you need for a peaceful time. 

If you feel like a hike instead, head to the picturesque hiking trails around the area. Our Gilbert apartments are within driving distance of numerous  trails and pathways that are exciting to explore. If you're hoping to join the community at Vistara at SanTan Village, contact us to learn more.