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friends put their glasses of beer together to cheers at a bar | bars near Gilbert

The Best Dive Bars Near Gilbert

Grab a Drink at Casual Bars Near Gilbert

Who doesn't love a good dive bar? They are often towns' hidden gems that bring people from all walks of life together in an atmosphere that's simple and easy-going. Anytime you walk into one, the drinks are cheap and good music is always playing. Here are a few that are near our Gilbert apartments:


Jupe’s perfectly captures “old school charm.” It's a one-room bar that will always have a Vikings football game on and the cheapest drinks in the area. Swing by for a cold beer, a game, or even one of their unique events, like a lobster and sushi cookout. This dive bar keeps their regulars coming back for more, thanks to their events, games, and other surprises.

Palo Verde Lounge

If dive bars had a mothership, Palo Verde Lounge would be it. It's got everything that makes these casual bars charming, like grunge, sticky floors, and cheap drinks. If you’re looking for an inviting, chill atmosphere, this is the place for you. Play a game of pool and meet up with friends, while enjoying the pleasures of live music. With all the excitement, you’ll want to stay until close.

Champions Sports Saloon

Champions has everything you’re looking for in a casual bar, including classic, Old Western vibes. Their happy hour may as well be called "happy day" as it runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and of course comes with, you guessed it, cheap drinks. They also have darts, pool, and classic bar food. Fill up on juicy cheeseburgers and appetizers, start a darts tournament, or relax at the bar for an exciting night out with friends. 

If you’re craving pizza after your night out at one of Gilbert’s bars, order from a local pizza place. Call Vistara at Santan Village to set up a tour of our community today.