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Spring 2021 is just about here! What better way to start off a new season than with a refreshed home? Vistara SanTan Village is sharing three telltale signs it might be a great time to rejuvenate your space.

Your Home Feels Dark & Dreary

Does your apartment feel a bit dark? Are bulky furniture and heavy wall art pulling down the vibe of your space? Try swapping out linens for something lighter, replacing or moving large furniture pieces, switching out or reframing heavy art pieces with lighter-looking options, and opening up your curtains or blinds every morning. Add a mirror or two close to a window to draw in extra natural lighting for an even brighter feel.

Your Home Feels Cramped & Cluttered

Tripping over furniture in the living room? Or maybe there’s not much workable kitchen counter space? These are giant red flags that say it’s time to make a change! Spend a weekend going through each room of your apartment, clearing off surfaces, donating or selling out-of-style decor, and rearranging furniture. Try the popular KonMari Method or check out this helpful video on the art of feng shui living for some inspiration to get you started.

Your Home Feels Stale

Whether there’s a funky smell that smacks you right in the nostrils as you enter the front door or a lingering layer of dirt and dust that sits on every surface – as you look around your space you’ll know if it feels a bit stale. One of the quickest ways to freshen up rooms is by opening up windows, washing linens, dusting surfaces, and vacuuming floors. Basically, your home could use a little spring cleaning magic! With some elbow grease and half a day’s work, your place will be back to it’s best state. Not so into that idea? Hire a housekeeping service to come by once a month with no extra effort on your part.

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