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If you’re a true party animal, chances are you’re always ready to throw down, whether you’re celebrating the men (and future women) rulers of this great country or it’s just another Tuesday. But how do you properly celebrate your favorite holidays and events in the days of social distancing? Why, you host a virtual barbecue, of course! Check out our guide to have the best virtual party ever.

The Guest List

It’s pretty hard to pretend this barbecue is “normal” when some guests’ heads aren’t visible and others don’t know how to unmute. For the perfect virtual shindig, you may want to consider only inviting guests who you are pretty sure have a firm grasp on video chat technology.

The Menu

Next, talk with your guests ahead of time and plan out a menu you can all agree on. Things will feel much more authentic if you’re all grilling burgers together, whether they are beef or plant-based. You can each set up your own little buffet lines with potato and/or green salad, jojos, and burger toppings. Then everyone can put their plates and burgers together at the same time without having to jostle for position or the complaints about someone stealing the best bits.

The Fun

After you’re done eating and arguing over who is the better barbecuer, it’s time to play a game! Popular party games like Cards Against Humanity, Bingo, and Taboo all have online versions, making it easy to recreate the fun times you once had packed into someone’s tiny living room, now with several feet separating you. (Do you get uncomfortable now when you see pre-pandemic people on shows like Friends packed ear to ear on a dirty coffee shop couch? We sure do. Crazy times.)

The Clean-up

In some ways, this is the best thing about having your party online: You only need to clean-up after one person – yourself! Or don’t. Leave those dirty dishes in the sink for a week. There are always other dishes you can use, right? Anyway, there’s no time for doing dishes when there’s so much planning to do for your next online party!

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