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We’ve made it! The year 2020 is officially over, and we’re launching ourselves into a fresh new year. As we move into another cycle around the sun, let’s put a healthy lifestyle at the top of our priorities list. In this post, Vistara at SanTan Village shares our favorite ways to stay healthy!

Spend Time Outdoors

Sunshine, oxygen, the sounds and smells of nature – it all amounts to healing. Mother Nature has an essence to her that we all crave. In a biological sense, the body’s vital organs rely on a person spending the majority of life out in the natural world. Vitamin D and oxygen are two critical nutrients we absorb while spending time outdoors.

Unfortunately, our new modern lifestyle has us spending more time inside than ever before. Let’s make a change for the better in 2021 and enjoy a little more of our life appreciating the great outdoors. Schedule a weekly hiking excursion with your neighbor. Block off time to go on evening walks with your pup in the neighborhood. Drink your morning cup of coffee out on your patio or balcony. Just find a routine that works for you!

Breathe Better

Did you know that shallow breathing causes a physical stress response in the body? Take a moment to pause and notice your breath. Is it short and shallow? Is it irregular? Is it steady? Your body needs proper oxygen levels in order to produce energy, which you attain through respiration. But in reality, most of us are not breathing how we should.

Take a moment to bring in a full, deep breath in and slowly release it out. Do this often and watch your stress levels decrease as a result. Set little reminders for yourself to practice mindful breathing, whether it’s on your Apple Watch, Fitbit, or just a simple calendar alert.

Check in With Yourself

When was the last time you asked yourself how you’re doing? We move about our days in a rushed, round-and-round routine, and how often are we practicing mindfulness by checking in with ourselves? Take a moment (or multiple moments) out of each day to really connect with your brain and body.

Ask yourself: How am I feeling? Do I need to hydrate? Did I get restful sleep? What am I feeling grateful for today? Am I feeling tense? What can I do in this moment to comfort myself? Where in my body am I feeling discomfort? These simple questions can have a profound impact on our emotional well being, helping us to tune into our mental state and make mindful choices throughout the day.

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