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Brown boxes stuffed with tins, candles, and Mason jars filled with dried goods.



Instead of putting together a spendy shopping list, consider a more personal holiday gift this year. Here are a few handmade gift ideas that will inspire smiles while being kind to your wallet.

Personalized Tote Bags

Give the gift of sustainability with a personalized tote bag. Amazon sells cheap blank canvas bags by the dozen, the personalized design is up to you. You can paint, embroider, block print, or iron on any design, saying, or image you want. It’s a useful item that will make the person you give it to think of you often.

Soup in a Jar

This year, give the gift of a warm, happy stomach. Wholefully lists out simple ingredient soups you can gather in Mason jars and wrap for a cute and practical gift. Plus, you’ve also given the recipient a night off figuring out what to cook! All the recipes look aesthetically pleasing and have simple directions with quick cook times for ultimate convenience.

Peppermint Milk Bath

Bath bombs are always a popular self-care gift during the holiday season, but they can be messy to make at home and are also easy to goof up. This peppermint milk bath is two ingredients and you’re done. The hardest part is picking out a cute jar to give your concoction in.

Hand Warmers

Baby, it’s cold outside, so give out some of these reusable hand warmers. All you need is some fabric, a needle and thread, scissors, and uncooked rice. Craft small rice bags that can be thrown in the microwave for toasty results. Cute, cozy, and sure to bring joy to your cold-fingered friends.

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