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Vibrant blue butterfly at Butterfly Wonderland near Vistara at SanTan Village in Gilbert, Arizona



If you're looking to enjoy a unique experience, head to Butterfly Wonderland in nearby Scottsdale.

It's the largest butterfly conservatory in the United States, and it brings a tropical rainforest to Arizona. Three thousand butterflies fly freely, and they're most active between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

There are a variety of species to discover including:

Great Mormon

Great Mormons are large butterflies that are native to Southeast Asia. Males are mainly black with blue-streaked hind wings and red shoulders, while females are polymorphic. When these butterflies stop to feed on flowers, they flutter their forewings, and females lay their eggs on the undersides of leaves.

Tailed Jay

Also called the green spotted triangle butterfly, Tailed Jays are named for the green spots on their black wings. They have a four to five-inch wingspan, and while very active, they tend to fly slowly.

Common Lacewings

Common Lacewings feature bright colors on top that tell predators they have a bad taste. They're found in places such as Central India and the Philippines, and their color pattern is known as a work of art.

Doris Longwing

Doris Longwings are beautiful butterflies that can appear in many colors. Their background is always black, while the patch of color on the hind wings may be blue, red, orange, or dark cream. These butterflies are renowned for their intricate pattern and are found from Mexico to Bolivia.

3D Theater

Before exploring the conservatory, stop by the 3D theater where butterflies jump off the screen. The film explains their daily life as well as what makes them so fascinating.

The Butterfly Wonderland is just one of the attractions near our apartments in Gilbert. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact our leasing agents to arrange a tour where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.