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Top view of a woman’s hands neatly organizing bathroom items and toiletries in a drawer.



A small bathroom does not equal small storage. With a little creativity and a few pretty and functional items to get you going, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner and more organized space. Read on for five easy ways to add storage and organization into any bathroom space. 

Floating Shelves

Don’t let sacred wall real estate go to waste. Buy or DIY some floating shelves that will serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Above the toilet is a popular spot, and here you can store small canisters, artwork, plants, or extra toilet paper in a pretty basket. 

Freestanding Cabinet

Cabinet space is gold, so if you don’t have enough, simply add more! A beautiful freestanding cabinet like this one not only has space to store items behind closed doors, but also offers shelving for the prettier storage solutions (hello, glass jars). 

Double Towel Rack

If you’ve got a single towel rack, you’re doing it all wrong! Swap it out with a double towel rack, that allows for more towels to hang and stay dry. This is especially helpful for multi-person households, and saves on the cost of washing and drying the same towels over and over again.

Drawer Organizers

Keep your drawers and cabinets organized with inserts that will make you feel like you’ve won in the bathroom organizing department. These two-tier organizers are perfect for storing in large cabinets, with slide-outs and inserts to keep items separate. They’ll even fit around the plumbing under your sink. 

Storage Canisters & Baskets

Make your storage and organization technique work for you. Your storage should not only serve as functional, but also an expression of your decor style. Find some beautiful storage canisters to store common bathroom items like Q-Tips, cotton balls, tissue paper, or even all of those mini toiletry samples you’ve collected over the years. Woven baskets make for great toilet paper roll storage, or rolled up towels, ready for guests to use. 

Bathroom organization can be FUNctional and pretty – yeah we went there. Spruce up your small space and organize it easily with these five ways to add storage and organization to any bathroom. For more great home, decor, and organization ideas check out more blog posts from Vistara at SunTan Village.