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A dachshund wearing a dragon costume



Need some Halloween costume inspiration? Get your dog or cat in on the fun with these sidekick costume ideas! We’ll show you where you can find these killer costumes online, but you can also save a little money by getting crafty and creating your own. Here’s the list:

Queen Daenerys & Her Dragon(s)

Game of Thrones’ epic run ended a couple of years ago, but its infinite popularity makes it a great Halloween option for you and your pet. A Mother of Dragons-themed costume is as easy as can be, with countless Daenerys costumes out there available for purchase. And here’s a great how-to video if you want to go the DIY route. As for your dragon(s), well, you have options. So many options.

Scooby & Shaggy

Is there a more perfect dog-human costume combination? Just pick up this awesome Scooby costume for your pup and then transform yourself into Shaggy. A green V-neck tee and maroon or brown bell-bottom pants are all you need! You can also pick this quick and easy option online.

Avocado & Toast

Avocado toast! It’s a delicious treat that’s all the rage right now. Make that trend part of your Halloween festivities by teaming up with your furry friend on this clever costume. You be the avocado. Your dog or cat can be the toast

Simba & Mufasa

You and your four-legged friend will be the star of the party with complementary Simba and Mufasa costumes. You be King Mufasa. Your dog dresses up as Simba. So easy! Another fun Lion King option is to re-create the scene of Rafiki presenting Simba to the Pride Lands. 

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