Spring Cleaning: Multifamily Style

Spring Cleaning: Multifamily Style

Spring has sprung! Well... sort of. While snow pours down on Northeastern states, the rest of country is gearing up for the season of sunshine, beautiful blooms, and feelings of renewal. Spring cleaning is underway for residents, but what about communities? Now is the time of year to spruce up your amenities, landscaping, and more.

So, grab your trimmers, and let's get started.

Get To Landscaping

As the most obvious of tasks for your spring to-do list, landscaping is essential when ushering in the season. Now is the time to tidy up bushes, cut dead branches from trees, and reawaken community gardens that didn't make it through the colder months. Even if your community is in a location that's warm 365 days a year, remind your residents of the season with vibrant gardens and polished landscapes.

Update The Gym

Spring is the prelude to summer. This means that residents are itching to get into the gym to prepare for trips to the beach. Therefore, multifamily communities should incorporate a gym refresh into their spring cleaning list. Aside from generally sprucing up the place, also assess the equipment to see if anything needs to be fixed or tossed. Or, add one new machine to the space to entice residents.

Add Some Flair To The Lobby

First impressions mean a lot, which is why it's important to welcome visitors and residents with a little flair when they walk into the building. Some steps to take are replacing any outdated art, incorporating florals into the room, or adding a welcoming rug to the space. Spring is the season of renewal, meaning many are looking for a fresh start. Be sure to incorporate elements of the season into your lobby so prospective residents feel excited and enticed to start anew at your community.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Communal Areas

There's no better way to welcome warm weather than by lighting up the grill and hanging with friends amongst fresh air. Set your residents up for success and spruce up your outdoor communal areas in preparation for endless spring and summer hangouts. First, dry clean any cushions or fabric that may have braved the elements. If you have grills, make sure they are squeaky clean for the first barbecue of the season. For a final touch, pass a broom through the area to rid residents of leaves, acorns, and dirt.

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3 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

3 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Spring has not yet sprung, but there’s no harm in preparing early! From florals to sandals to feelings of renewal, there's no time like mid-March to start enjoying the delights of the season.

If you're ready to swap out cold weather comforts for springtime pleasures. Here's where to start.

Dust Off Your Green Thumb

Florals for spring may not seem groundbreaking, but we would be remiss to not include incorporating beautiful blooms into our list. Having plants in your home betters the air quality, improves mood, and brings a sense of life to your space. Before spring officially starts, take some time researching plants that would bode well in your space. Olympus properties offer sunlit spaces with large windows. Therefore, residents have plenty of options. Cascading plants will elongate any space when placed on a high shelf. Looking to fill a corner? Supersize your greenery and add a small potted tree to your favorite nook. Succulents can survive in almost all indoor climates, making them the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Host a Springtime Soiree

As the ice begins to melt and the temperatures creep up, our homebody selves are more likely to emerge from our comfort zones. This makes spring the perfect time to host a party! Celebrate the commencement of the season and host an equinox party. Or, serve fresh fruits and mimosas at a weekend brunch. Did you know that March 23rd is National Chip and Dip Day? Embrace the holiday with a medley of homemade dips and your favorite chips to be shared with guests.

Plan Your Spring Wardrobe

Organizing a spring wardrobe is one of the most satisfying tasks of the season. Swapping out turtlenecks for sundresses and boots for sandals is a great way to ring in warmer months. First, dig up all of your warm-weather garments and add them to your wardrobe. Separate them from cold-weather items as you still may need sweaters and jackets in the following weeks. Then, assess your springtime looks. If your sandals from last season appear weathered, or your go-to dress is just no longer in style, make piles of items to recycle, donate, or sell. Once removed, you can look forward to shopping for fun and stylish replacements.

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Easy & Effective Instagram Strategies For Apartment Communities

Easy & Effective Instagram Strategies For Apartment Communities

Did you know that around 96% of businesses are on social media? From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Snapchat, these platforms offer a space for friends to meet and for businesses to connect with their desired demographic. Whether we're swiping, liking, tweeting, or snapping, the information we're consuming on social media sticks.

Due to its sleek design and focus on imagery and video, Instagram is the platform of the decade. Users can consume content from dozens of accounts in a matter of minutes, and can easily customize what makes its way into their feeds.

Amongst all the buzz and growing noise on social media, standing out can be a challenge. So, if you're looking to make your way into a prospective resident's feed, here are some steps to take:

Highlight Local Businesses

An important selling point of a community is the location. Whether you're amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston or nestled in nature in a quaint hamlet outside Atlanta, it's important to highlight the appeal of your surroundings. Instagram is an amazing tool for capturing the beauty of your location. Take a trip to a stylish, neighborhood coffee shop and snap some pics of your experience. Whether it's latte art, a vibrant mural, or your friend enjoying a pastry across the table, capture a moment that a viewer would like to place themselves into. Be sure to tag the account of the establishment you're visiting, as this fosters a relationship with local businesses. Also, they may return the favor with likes, comments, and a follow!

Use Local Hashtags

Speaking of local, it's important to utilize the correct hashtags for posts to attract the right demographic. For apartment communities, marketers typically target people in their vicinity. Therefore, using location-specific hashtags is advantageous. For example, if a Houston community posts a photo of a burger from a local eatery, effective hashtags would be: #Houston #Houstoneats #eatHouston #liveHouston #HTX #HoustonTX #Houstonian. Then, when a local is scrolling through a feed looking for things to do in the area, your photo may come up!

Be Approachable

It's no surprise that consumers are averse to advertisements. When we feel that we are being sold something, we automatically look in the opposite direction. The solution? Don't be "salesly" and blend in with organic content. Capturing daily delights and of-the-moment experiences are more effective than stock photos and sales pitches. A feed filled with locally-sourced lunches, pool days, movie nights, and city views is easier on the eyes than advertisements, and still promotes your community.

Post About Perks

Everyone loves perks and freebies. If your community hosts mixers, parties, contests, etc. be sure to post about them on social media. Not only will it inform followers of how amazing your property is, it will also incline them to follow your account so they never miss a fun activity or giveaway.

Instagram is just one of the amazing tools you can use to show the world how an apartment can become a home. If you're looking for more tips and tricks on making the most of your community, contact us today!

4 Fun Apartment DIY Projects

4 Fun Apartment DIY Projects

Personal touches can transform any apartment into a home, and what's more personal than crafting something with your own two hands?

Nowadays, you can whip almost anything together with the right tools, mindset, and Pinterest feed. From plant hangers to headboards to nifty accent pieces, DIY projects will please your wallet, eyes, and work ethic.

So, whether you have a free weekend or are looking to tackle a project with some friends, here's where you can get started:

DIY Headboard

A headboard adds the final touch of personality to your comfort zone. Whether it's a statement piece or the complimentary flair to your comforter, every bedroom can be enlivened with this fun addition. Also, it's incredibly easy to make. From faux brass to salvaged wood to tufted velvet, the perfect bedroom backdrop is just a few materials and a free weekend away! Click here to find the perfect project for you.

Upholster Something Unusual

Upholstery doesn't have to be reserved for your sofa. If you're looking to jazz up your space, consider adding fabric to the framing of a mirror. It's an affordable way to incorporate your favorite pattern or hue as an accent. You can also transform photo albums, damaged books, and storage bins into decorative items with the help of a glue gun and a trip to the fabric store.

Create a DIY Hanging Garden

Looking to utilize your green thumb? Give your plant a home with a personal touch and go the DIY route. Simply drill holes in the side of your favorite ceramic pot, attach strings, and voila! Or, repurpose a towel hanger and attach air plants to it instead. If desired, spray paint it copper, gold, or your favorite color for extra flair.

Repurpose Picture Frames

Picture frames don't have to be reserved for family photos. Instead, press decorative items against the glass for a fun and creative look. Are you a nature lover? A collage of leaves and flower petals can romance a rustic, wooden frame. Or, consider using a handwritten poem or favorite piece of writing for daily inspiration. If you want to still incorporate precious moments captured on camera, simply mix things up by organizing a collage of Polaroid photos against the glass.

Looking to live your best life with Olympus? Contact us today to learn more tips and tricks for inspired apartment living. Also, be sure to contact us to schedule a tour of a community near you.

Design Trends To Look For In 2018

Design Trends To Look For In 2018

With each new year comes new trends and directions. In the apartment community, we like to stay tuned into what's around the corner so we can be prepared with inspired designs and modern amenities. If you're looking to stay current, here are some apartment design trends to consider in the coming year.

The Return of Classic Wood

The past few years, we've been witness to experimental replacements for wood such as metals, stone, and even a DIY approach of painting over it. It was fun while it lasted, but we've missed the rustic feel of chestnut cabinets and maple countertops. Luckily, experts predict the return of a farmhouse-style kitchen is inevitable. Look out for oak cabinetry, wood ceiling beams, and even barn doors alongside modern accents.

Tech-Savvy Spaces

When reviving the past, it's only natural that we also turn to the future. Therefore, look forward to accenting your rustic cabinetry with modern technologies. With smart speakers entering various rooms in the modern home, it's important to equip areas with charging stations. If you're looking to go the extra mile, many homes offer docking ports and even device holders for those who love their Pinterest recipes.

Downsized Bathrooms

According to Sebring Design Build, the once-coveted, large, and luxurious bathroom will be replaced by a smaller yet more efficient washroom. Designers are learning to utilize space, so all the modern luxuries are still available, but stored in a more strategic manner. The long, extended countertop will be replaced by unique and attractive shelving. An open floor plan will be downsized to fit the essentials (and a few luxuries, of course.) Consumers are leaning into a life of sustainability and minimalism where comfort is found in a utilized space. The bathroom is one of the easiest places to apply this new mindset.

Interested in learning more tricks of the trade? Contact us today for multifamily tips, or schedule a tour at one of our communities.