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5 New Year's Resolutions For Apartment Dwellers

5 New Year's Resolutions For Apartment Dwellers

The new year is almost here and with it comes wishful thinking regarding our diets, fitness routines, and professional lives. While all important, why not switch it up this year and tackle something closer to home?

With the right apartment, crafting a comfy, cozy home comes easy. To get started, here are four handy resolutions for making the most of your comfort space.

1. Buy a Piece of Art

Even if you don't consider yourself an "artsy" person, a unique piece of work that's reflective of you and your space adds personality. Whether it's a bold color, a favorite artist, or perhaps a piece of art supporting a charitable cause, it'll be an instant mood booster and a conversation piece for visiting guests.

2. Dive into a Quirky Cookbook

While we don't typically turn to paperbacks for recipes these days, stocking your kitchen with a few fun cookbooks helps make a house a home. Plus, you'll enjoy making your way through the pages and having fun recipes just a shelf away.

3. Host a Theme Night

The most rewarding aspect of making an apartment a home is sharing it with others. Instead of organizing the run-of-the-mill hangout, host a themed evening for your closest friends. Out of ideas? Click here to find unique dinner party themes that go beyond wine and cheese.

4. Create Your "Comfort Zone"

Every home should have that corner, nook, or haven that beckons us when hot tea and a great read is in order. Instead of plopping in a random spot, create a special space adorned with blankets, candles, scents, and all the essentials for those warm and fuzzy feels.

5. Appeal To The Senses

Fill your space with scents and sounds and splurge on items such as speakers, essential oils, and even a Spotify account. While Olympus apartments are already pleasing to the eyes, adding music and delightful scents to a home truly completes the experience.

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