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4 Tips For The Ultimate Fitness Studio

4 Tips For The Ultimate Fitness Studio

Did you know that around 57 million Americans have gym memberships? As boutique studios and all-inclusive fitness centers continue to pop up on every block, it's becoming clear the fitness and wellness craze shows no sign of slowing.

According to the 2015 NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Resident Preferences Survey, 82% of renters considered fitness centers to be a top priority in their search for the perfect community.

So, how do you construct an innovative and attractive space for people to sweat, stretch, and recharge? Here's some things to consider.

Keep the doors open 24/7: Residents have a wide variety of schedules and preferences. After working late into the evening, sometimes a 9 pm sweat sesh is in order. For the morning birds, a 5 am workout allows time to train, shower, and be in the office by 8.

Offer a multipurpose space: Fitness enthusiasts are stepping into new territories when it comes to their routines. The standard weight set and elliptical won't satisfy the modern gym goer. At Legends at Ridgeview Ranch, residents have access to a 24-hour yoga room and a basketball court for those who prefer layups and downward dog poses over the treadmill.

Make it pop: Getting oneself to the gym is hard enough as it is. Unattractive interiors and uninspired designs make this task near impossible. Get your residents excited about their daily workout and offer them a space they'll want to step into.

Give them a view: The one thing a high-rise apartment building can offer that a commercial gym can't is an out-of-this-world view. Those who call Olympus Midtown home can look forward to a satisfying workout in the 24-hour sky bridge fitness studio overlooking the bustling streets of Nashville.

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