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5 Creative Ideas for a Not-So-Boring Dinner Party

5 Creative Ideas for a Not-So-Boring Dinner Party

So, you've settled into your new Olympus home. You've added personal touches, became acquainted with luxurious amenities, and explored the vibrant community. Now, the final step is to show it off! What better way to introduce your favorite people to your new digs than a creative dinner party? Here's a few ideas...

Hoppy Hour

Craft breweries seem to be popping up daily and keeping up with new styles, special releases, and experimental offerings can be overwhelming. Look to your friends for some help and invite them over for a tasting party. Have guests bring their favorite bottle, line up some tasting glasses, and have at it! Beer-friendly appetizers like cheeseboards, charcuterie, and German-inspired fare should also be on the menu as well as other drink options like cider or non-alcoholic sips.

Breakfast For Dinner

It's 9am somewhere! Enjoy morning favorites in the evening and invite your closest friends over for a pajama party. Guests will arrive in their comfiest attire and be treated to pancakes, eggs, bacon, mimosas. Bonus points will be awarded to those who include a bloody Mary bar with all the best fixings.

Murder Mystery Party

This one is an oldie but a goodie. The classic murder mystery is always a favorite as it combines suspense, fancy cocktails, and flashy 20's attire. You can find a variety of storylines online as well as versions that work best for you and the layout of your home.

Retro Dinner Party

If you'd like an excuse to host a party that revolves around melted cheese, opt for a retro dinner party. The main attraction is fondue with other throwback favorites like deviled eggs, crudité with ranch, and homemade hamburger helper. If you're looking to go the extra mile, check here for forgotten 70s classics that will truly impress your guests.

Farm-To-Table Soiree

Whether you're new to the area or have been a native for years, discovering the best local businesses and goods is essential in any community. This potluck-themed get-together invites guests to arrive with their favorite locally-sourced contribution. Enjoy farm-fresh salads, grass-fed meats from local butchers, and desserts from the best bakeries in the area. You'll enjoy some seriously delicious food, discover new vendors, and support the community.

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