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How To Give Renters That ‘Homey’ Feeling

How To Give Renters That ‘Homey’ Feeling

With winter months rolling in, and our love for Netflix, DIY, and home entertainment only growing stronger, it appears the cocooning trend is officially back.

According to the first National Renters Index survey by Village Green, renters are avidly seeking that 'homey' feeling. The report, which can be found at Multifamily Executive, states that 62% of renters reported that an apartment that provides a "homey look and feel" would peak their interest. Amongst other requirements, it was a top priority for millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers.

Communities should be mindful of the trend, as residents who prioritize comfort are often more willing to settle down, lessening those pesky turnover costs.

While it's up to the resident to address the final touches for their personal haven, there are also steps properties can take to create a foundation for an inviting and long-lasting home.

Here are a few:

Experiment with Accent Colors

The first thing we notice when walking into a room is color. It's an instant mood-changer for better and for worse. Overwhelming and chaotic hues could frighten off potential renters while a lack of pigment comes off as uninviting. The perfect balance can be found at properties like Cactus Forty-2, where accent walls offer the right amount of warmth and personality.

Offer Mood Lighting

Harsh, fluorescent lighting is the last thing residents want when looking to settle into a cozy space. Thoughtfully placed fixtures, as well as dimmers lets residents have appropriate lighting when and where they need it. For an extra touch, communities like Cape House Apartments offer fireplaces for the ultimate night in.

Provide Built-In Furniture

Apartments like Legends at Ridgeview Ranch offer built-in bookshelves and desks, so residents can skip the trip to IKEA when planning their workspace. Along with being practical, these types of features are inviting, unique, and charming as well.

Make Apartments Easy to Decorate

We've covered everything to add to your apartments to make them cozy, but there are definitely things to exclude when offering that perfect space. If residents aren't able to add personal touches, they may not see themselves there long-term. Therefore, wood floors and clean walls are the best canvases for renters looking to add rugs, art, and decor. Keep in mind that an apartment should compliment a lifestyle, not overshadow it.

Interested in learning more tips and tricks on the art of living? Contact us today and we'll answer all your questions.