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4 Tips For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving In Your Apartment

4 Tips For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving In Your Apartment

Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching, and while we look forward to pumpkin pie, roasted turkey, and having all our favorite people in the same room, it's hard to ignore those first-timer jitters.

Luckily, Olympus apartments are equipped with modern appliances, ample counter space, and stylish and spacious layouts. Now that that's covered, here are some tips for tackling that first elaborate dinner at your place.

1. Always Accept Help

"Don't be silly, you're the guest," has become an automated response when entertaining. On Thanksgiving, put that modesty aside and graciously accept when others want to contribute. It will cut your to-do list in half, and allow more bonding time with your friends and family.

Sharing the work is much easier with plenty of counter space. At Mosaic Dallas, select layouts have spacious island kitchens so multiple people can mash, dice, and stir at once in a luxury kitchen.

2. Stick To The Classics

The first Thanksgiving at your apartment is not the time to try out that obscure sweet potato recipe you found on Pinterest. Stick to what you know and whip up some classic, nostalgic, and delicious dishes. Maybe in a few years you can get experimental with that turducken recipe.

3. Schedule Time For Yourself

The worst feeling is when guests arrive and you realize you have yet to shower, comb your hair, or put on real pants. Pencil in an hour of time to devote to getting yourself together so you feel confident and comfortable when your guests arrive.

Stepping away from the stove and into a luxurious walk-in shower at a property like Olympus Hillwood allows you to de-stress before the big show. If you have the time, consider a soak in the jetted garden tub or style the perfect outfit in your spacious walk-in closet.

4. Set The Table The Night Before

Table settings may be one of the most intricate (or time-consuming) aspects of thanksgiving preparations. In the week prior, put aside some time to create a DIY centerpiece, or collect your favorite candles and knick-knacks for a creative spread. Then, the night before put it all together so all that's missing the day of is the food.

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