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Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath at Home

Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath at Home

As any dog-lover knows, getting a bath is not a high priority on your furry friend's list of good times. Dogs don't mind being stinky and dirty and you can expect a fight when you decide it is time to banish the grit. Bathing plays an essential role in the overall health of your dog's skin and coat. It not only helps free your dog of germs, but it also makes him a lot more pleasant to be around.

Here are four simple tips to make your dog's bath a smoother experience for both of you in your Olympus Property Company home.

Gather All Your Supplies

Being prepared ahead of time can save you from hasty canine retreats and watery messes. You will need a good dog shampoo (baby shampoo works too), lots of towels, and some soothing words. Spread towels on the floor if you are using the bathroom and don't forget to shut the door behind you after you lure him in. Depending on your dog's hair type and breed, you also may need to use a conditioner to prevent dry skin and promote soft fur.

Lather and Rinse

Fill the tub with about four to six inches of lukewarm water. Smaller dogs would require less. Use a large cup or pitcher to gently pour the water over your dog's coat being careful to avoid his eyes. Start lathering from the neck down using a washcloth to clean the head and around the ears. Consider placing a towel on the bottom of the tub first to minimize slipping. Rinse well with a sprayer or fresh water from the sink.

Make Drying A Game

Now that the hard part is over, your pooch is probably ready for a little fun. You can show some puppy love with an after-bath, vigorous toweling-off that is sure to coax a few happy moves from Fido. Dogs tend to get rowdy and excited after their cleansing experience so giving them a chance to expend the energy while drying off is wise. An exuberant game of towel, run, spin, towel usually does the trick.

Rewards and Treats

Rewarding your dog's good bath behavior with a special treat might make it easier to convince him to do it again when the time comes. It, along with lots of exaggerated praise, offers positive reinforcement for a job well done. When your pet is almost dry and before you run to change your own damp clothes, you might want to brush his coat to remove any extra fur. The bath ritual may end up being something you both look forward to after all.

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