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4 Ideas For Game Night at Home

4 Ideas For Game Night at Home

There's no reason why an evening at home has to be boring. Pop a pizza in the oven and get ready to rev it up in the living room. Before you know it, you will be making game night a tradition everyone looks forward to.

Here are four games we're particularly excited to try.

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule's tagline is "just spit it out" but it is more difficult than you might think. Players in the hot seat are given three things to name in a particular category. Some examples are "name three cat cartoon characters" or "three famous football players". It may sound like an easy task but the crazy 5-second twisted timer puts the pressure on and the result is sputtering tongue-twisting and gut-splitting hilarity. It's the perfect way to test your reflexes.


Spontuneous is a song game designed to bring the rock star out of anyone. Players think of a word in one of their favorite songs then challenge other players to tap into their own musical repertoires to find a song to sing out loud using that word. If you stump them, you get to move ahead.

Giant Bowling

Giggle N Go's bowling game is an indoor/outdoor invention of pure entertainment. The gigantic inflatable bowling ball is lightweight enough for everyone and guaranteed to get the giggles going as it's rolled toward the giant pins. The six pins are weighted with sand to provide adequate knock-down resistance.

Who Am I?

Who Am I? is the ultimate guessing game requiring nothing more than sticky notes, a pencil, and an inquisitive mind. Each player has the name of a famous person written on the sticky note attached to their forehead or back where they can't see it. The goal is to ask other players a series of yes or no questions like "am I a movie star?" and try to guess exactly who you are. With unlimited variations, Who Am I? will quickly become a weeknight favorite.

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