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Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Pet

Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Pet

Leisurely strolls and long runs with your pup offer a great workout, but there are many other ways to break a sweat with your pet in tow.

Here are a few ways both you and your furry friend can be active together.

Dancing With The Paws

It might look like you have gone quite mad to anybody who is watching. Turn up some peppy music and get your boogie on in your own home. Your dog is probably not capable of doing the foxtrot, yet his freestyling skills could surprise you. Yours might too. It's a kitchen dance party with stress-lowering benefits and you might find yourself busting a few new moves.

Dancing with your dog is actually a competitive sport these days with choreographed routines that dazzle animal-loving audiences. For most of us, a vigorous bit of rock and rolling will invigorate us while inspiring our canine friends to join us in a happy and healthy tango.

The Great Stair Race

No gym is complete without a section of stair-climbing cardio machines. Climbing stairs not only tones your glutes and leg muscles, but it also provides an intense workout for your heart and lungs. There is no reason why your dog can't benefit from a bit of stair-climbing too. Whether you just run up and down the stairs in your own home or head to the bleachers at a local high school stadium, you and your pet can feel the burn in style. Leash your pup, choose a long staircase, and get ready for a Rocky movie steps challenge. Tackle the stairs at a quick pace a few times with your dog by your side. You can vary your moves by taking steps two at a time or doing a back and forth sideways maneuver for an extra challenge.

Jumping Jack Cat

It isn't quite as easy to get cats involved in your exercise routine. Once the frisky kitten stage has passed, cats readily adopt a life of nonchalant leisure. Keeping your cat as mobile and active as you are might require some ingenuity and a few good tricks. One of the best inventions to reignite a cat's interest is the simple red dot laser light. It is guaranteed to elicit comical results.

There are several ways to use laser lights to motivate your kitty while you sweat. Just hold one in each hand as you use an invisible jump rope to get a robust cardio workout or tie them with a string to your dumbbells while you sculpt your biceps. Your cat will have some crazy, irresistible fun chasing the dot while the red beam bounces around the floor and walls.

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