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Welcome Spring with Fresh Decor

Welcome Spring with Fresh Decor

Warm weather, long days, and buzzing energy can only mean one thing: It’s almost spring! Spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf with a few simple upgrades that will have your interiors blossoming with style.

Go Green

Adding hues of green is the perfect way to freshen up your space. Mixing shades of green and white make rooms feel light, airy, and clean. You can accent your current decor with succulents, mossy textures, house plants, emerald accents, and olive hues. Use greenery to create elegant and inexpensive DIY centerpieces by mixing textures and heights. Finally, add a charming yet utilitarian touch to your kitchen with potted herbs and vegetables to make your home feel like spring year-round.

Light Up the Room

Daylight savings isn’t the only way to brighten things up this spring. Changing fixtures, bulbs, or adding lamps is a simple and cost-effective strategy to spruce up your space. Layers of light will add interest and depth to the room. Decorative lamps and fun fixtures are useful and add beautiful detail. Lighting structures are an underutilized outlet for expressing personal style. Go green and increase your energy efficiency by making sure you’re using a standard bulb. Make sure to dust lights and bulbs frequently to add a clean touch.

Put the Petal to the Metal

Spring is in full bloom and your apartment should be too! Floral patterned accents brighten spaces and bring seasonal joy into your home. Cut flowers in glass vases or mason jars will add a fresh feel to any desk, table, or countertop. Daffodils, tulips, and lilacs are beautiful, seasonal and inexpensive options that always look great. Fun fact alert! Adding a penny to the bottom of a vase will keep tulip and daffodil stems strong and prevent premature wilting.

Are you eager to kick off the spring season in a new apartment? Contact us at Olympus today and we would be happy to arrange a tour.