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Style your Table like a Pro with these Dinnerware Tips

Style your Table like a Pro with these Dinnerware Tips

When it comes to styling a home, your mind may go to large items like furniture, décor, and carpeting. However, dinnerware is a major investment and some of the most frequently used items in your home. Whether you’re eating a quick piece of toast in the morning or hosting a dinner party for ten, your dinnerware is an important, central component of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your set or want some tips on what to buy, today’s blog is for you.

How Much Should I Get?

One of the biggest questions most folks have when it comes to purchasing dinnerware is how much they should be buying. This all comes down to your personal needs and tendencies. If you have a family of four or five and like to entertain often, we suggest going for a bigger set. Twelve place settings should do the trick, with a few larger serving plates for holidays and special occasions. If it’s just you and a roommate or partner, you can get away with a set of six, and have a few backup plates and glasses on hand should you decide to host a crowd.

Do I Need More than One Set?

If you like to entertain, you may consider buying more than one set. You can purchase a go-to, durable, everyday dinnerware set that you know you won’t get sick of, and then take the plunge on a special set for parties, events, and holidays. The fun part about having an extra dinnerware set on hand is that you can spring for something a bit outside the norm without fear of growing tired of it after countless bowls of cereal and weeknight dinners throughout the years. We’re loving these fun, patterned plates and bowls from Wayfair for just over $50.

Should I get a Box Set?

While it may feel convenient to purchase a box set of dishes, you’ll have a bit more freedom if you shop piece-by-piece. This allows you to tailor your purchase to your specific needs and preferences. If you know that small salad plates will do nothing but take up room in the cabinet, skip them and go for larger plates and bowls instead. Unsurprisingly, Ikea has great deals on just about every type of dish you could want in tons of colors, shapes, and styles.

What if I Want to Splurge?

While we don’t necessarily recommend splurging on a complete dinnerware set, if you find great joy in cooking and hosting, it can be fun to have a piece you love to show off. Choose your investment piece based on what you tend to serve most often. If you’re an expert baker, an elegant cake stand like this beaded pearl piece from William Sonoma can be a great addition to your home. If you’re more of a dinner party host, we love this gorgeous circular serving platter from CB2 that can double as a charcuterie board.

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