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Four Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Four Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

No matter your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to spread the love to the people in your life. We often get caught up in making big plans, only to find overcrowded restaurants and pricey markups. From the comfort of your own home however, you can enjoy the holiday for what it’s really all about. We’re sharing four special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your loved ones.

Cook a Special Meal

A romantic dinner and a nice bottle of wine can be enjoyed from the comfort of home, and may actually feel more intimate and special than being out at a restaurant amongst hundreds of other couples. Think of a meaningful meal -- either your favorite dish or something you’ve been excited to try, and set aside a few hours to prepare it with your partner. We’ve got our eye on this restaurant-worthy surf and turf dinner that can be prepared on one single sheet pan, so you can focus on quality time instead of cleanup. For dessert, go for some classic chocolate covered strawberries that pair perfectly with wine.

Celebrate with Friends

There’s no need to be in a committed partnership in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re single, gather some friends for a special night in complete with delicious food, drinks, and conversation. Get into the V-Day mood with some pretty flower arrangements placed around your apartment, and grab some party favors for your guests. We’re loving these adorable heart-shaped sunglasses from Nordstrom and this cute and festive peach bath bomb from Lush.

Pick a Great Movie to Watch

The classic movie theater date will always feel romantic, as it reminds us of first dates and young love. However, on Valentine’s Day, you’re probably going to want to avoid the actual movie theater. Long lines, sold out showings, and overcrowded theaters don’t exactly make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Instead, turn your home into the perfect movie-viewing space, complete with comfy seating, candles, popcorn, and drinks. Pick a movie that you and your partner have been dying to see, press play, and enjoy.

Indulge in Spa Night

While a couple’s massage may cost a small fortune, you can bring the spa energy into your home for a fraction of the cost and none of the stress. Set aside the night for pampering; whether you’re solo, with a group of girlfriends, or a partner. Pick up some face masks, exfoliating scrub, and lotion, and set the ambience with candles and good music. You’ll be skipping the crowds and expensive rates while enjoying all of the rest and relaxation from the comfort of home.

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