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Fun Community Events to Host this Winter

Fun Community Events to Host this Winter

Most of us in the multi-family industry understand the benefits of a tight-knit community. A friendly, connected neighborhood feel helps to boost resident satisfaction and can contribute to improved resident retention. While many people are skilled at chatting with neighbors on their own, regularly scheduled resident events encourage folks to come out of their shells and join together to create lasting relationships. In the winter months, this is particularly important, as people tend to hibernate in their homes to escape the seasonal chill. Today, we’re sharing a few fun ideas for wintertime events in your community.

Cooking Class

If you have a shared kitchen in your resident lounge or clubhouse, a group cooking class is an excellent way to get your community members out on a chilly winter night. Bring in a local chef or restaurateur from the area, and allow them to lead a group through the process of cooking a delicious meal. The theme could range from home-made pasta to sushi to arranging the perfect charcuterie board. No matter what you make, creating and breaking bread together is an inherently bonding activity that helps to bring folks together.

Workout Class

Another excellent way to bond with neighbors is through group fitness. Help your residents to stay on top of their New Year’s resolutions by offering a free yoga, Pilates, or Zumba class in your resident clubhouse or fitness center. Your community members will appreciate the complimentary class, and it may help them to acquaint themselves with the resident fitness center and other fitness-focused neighbors.

Book Club

When it’s cold and dark outside, there’s nothing quite like curling up to read a good book. Make this activity a group one when you start a community book club. Send out an email to your residents to gauge interest, and once you have your list of members, establish a weekly or monthly meeting time and a list of books to get excited about. Supply some space in the clubhouse, and bring a few light snacks and refreshments to make for a cozy environment. You can also keep the group open and send out a reminder to residents who may become interested or have some free time to join later down the line.

Oscar’s Viewing Party

While there may be many things to complain about during the winter months, awards show season always brightens up our Sunday nights. If you have space in your resident clubhouse or lounge, you may consider hosting an Oscar’s Viewing party complete with red carpet coverage, champagne, and festive snacks like popcorn and small-bite appetizers. To help make the event more interactive, pass out voting ballots prior to showtime, and have your residents hedge their best bets on this year’s winners.

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