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Stay on Top of New Year’s Resolutions with these Apartment-Friendly Workout Tips

Stay on Top of New Year’s Resolutions with these Apartment-Friendly Workout Tips

For many folks, January 1st marks a fresh start and a time to get in control of your physical health and wellness. If you’ve vowed to move your body more in 2020, you may be hitting that mid-January lull right about now. It can be difficult to keep your momentum going, and we all know the feeling of dragging yourself to the gym when you’d rather do anything else. Today, we’re sharing our favorite at-home workout tips for the days when you can’t quite get yourself out the front door.

Invest in Some Equipment

Before you dive into your at-home workout routine, it may be helpful to invest in some useful equipment. These one-time purchases will help you to stay on track without breaking the bank on an expensive gym or studio membership. We suggest a roll-up yoga mat, some resistance bands, and a small set of weights. You’d be surprised at how much you can do with these simple, compact pieces of equipment. When you’re not using them, they are easily stowed away and take up very little space in your apartment.

Try out Different Programs

These days, there are tons of virtual training options, from simple YouTube videos to a digital Peloton membership. Take some time to do a little research into available programs, and decide what’s best for you based on your interests, preferences, and the amount of time and money you can realistically spend on your fitness. If you know you like to switch it up and get bored with one program, you may want to go the YouTube route. We love this no-equipment bodyweight training video from celebrity trainer Adam Rosant as well as this silent cardio program that won’t upset your downstairs neighbors.

Or Settle on the Program that Works

You know yourself better than anybody else, so if you need a bit of a commitment in order to keep yourself on track, it’s worth it to sign up for an at-home fitness program. Spending the money on a membership, while often still more cost-effective than a gym or studio, may motivate you to work out more regularly. We’re loving a new app called Noom, which offers personalized exercise recommendations based on your wellness goals. At $50 a month, Noom is an investment, but if you need the extra motivation, we think it’s well worth it. For a more budget-friendly option, try out Nike Training Club, where you can follow along with celebrity trainers and customize workouts based on what equipment you have available.

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