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How to: Create the Perfect Reading Nook

How to: Create the Perfect Reading Nook

While many of us resist the colder weather and shorter days of winter, at the beginning of the season, it's important to set some intentions that will help you carry through until spring. A great way to do that is to embrace the indoor months and pick up hobbies you can enjoy from the comfort of your apartment. Reading is the perfect antidote to gloomy weather, and can even help to relax your body and settle your mind at the end of a long day. To help promote this good habit, you’ll want to create a space in your home that is perfect for a solid reading session. Today, we’re sharing our tips for how to design a cozy reading nook you won’t be able to resist.

Pick your Spot

Depending on the layout of your home, you may have some ideas in mind for where you’d like to place your reading nook. A built-in window seat could be the perfect spot, but if you don’t have one of those in your home, you’re certainly not out of options. The great thing about a reading nook is that it doesn’t require a ton of space, so you may want to consider a previously empty corner of your bedroom or living room to dedicate to this cause. Be sure the area gets either plenty of natural light, or is well-lit by a warm lamp or overhead light.

Make it Inviting

You’re the expert on your own decor preferences, so you’ll know just how to make your reading nook as enticing and inviting as possible. If you like bright pops of color, invest in an exciting throw pillow or blanket, and if you prefer soothing, soft neutrals, take a more classic approach. No matter which route you go, make sure your space is comfortable; complete with pillows and blankets for the perfect conditions to curl up and read in.

Choose Your Seating Wisely

You’ll want to be able to spend quality time in your reading nook, so be sure to choose your chair, couch, cushion, or recliner with care. This should be the corner of your home that you’re most comfortable in, so splurge on a foot stool, extra cushions, or whatever you need to feel right at home. We love this classic chaise lounge from Wayfair, or this contemporary, green velvet curved lounge from Home Depot for a more unique look.

Deck it Out with Inspo

Finish off your reading nook with decor and accessories that inspire you to be introspective, curious, and reflective. This may mean a small gallery wall fitted out with your favorite pieces of art, playbills from performances you’ve loved, or photographs from an epic vacation. If you have the space, you can also incorporate a bookshelf filled with your favorite classics as well as everything on your prospective reading list. Round out the area with a small table, add some coasters, and all you need is a warm cup of tea to get into relaxation mode.

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