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Throw the Adult Halloween Party of Your Dreams

Throw the Adult Halloween Party of Your Dreams

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and we’re getting started on our party planning. Personally, we think you’re never too old to celebrate the year’s spookiest holiday, so we’re sharing our favorite tips to help you throw a Halloween bash for the ages.

Deck Out Your Space

No party is complete without a little décor, and decorating for Halloween allows you to really flex your creative muscle. If you’re choosing to have a dinner party or a gathering on the smaller side, consider using miniature pumpkins and gourds mixed in with fun candles as your centerpiece. We love these rose Halloween candles from Etsy, or this spooky witch hat you can find on Amazon. If you’re worried about open flames on the dinner table, there are also plenty of options for flameless candles that shed the same spooky ambiance. We love these black tapers with built-in timers, also found on Amazon.

Serve up some Treats

As a kid, Halloween is all about the candy, and while you can (and should!) certainly have a bowl or two of candy around the party for old-times-sake, we tend to find ourselves craving more savory snacks as we mature. To start, try this adorable mummy-themed brie appetizer from Delish. With just a little bit of yummy puff pastry, your cheese plate will be transformed into a Halloween-themed treat. If you’re expecting a good number of people, try this spider web taco dip with a side of tortilla chips for a vegetarian-friendly crowd pleaser. Your guests will be well-fed and impressed with your dedication to the theme.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

While you can always choose to supply the standard beer, wine, and soda, it’s fun to mix it up with a signature cocktail no matter the occasion. Halloween allows you to bring a certain level of creativity and mischief to your beverage menu, and we say go for it. We’re loving these Black Magic Margaritas from Delish, which are sure to add a spooky element to your party. They can be made individually, or batched out before your guests arrive so you’re free to mingle and enjoy yourself. For a more seasonal take, try this Mulled Cider from the Food Network. The delicious blend of apples, cinnamon, and cloves will have your home smelling heavenly when guests arrive. It can be served as is, or topped off with your favorite whiskey or rum.

Send out the invites, don your costume, and turn up the tunes! And if you’re looking for a home this fall season, contact an Olympus property near you today to learn more.