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Say Goodbye to Summer Multifamily Style

Say Goodbye to Summer Multifamily Style

The end of summer can invoke some mixed feelings. Days are getting shorter, and many folks have to head back to school, jobs, and responsibilities. Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to celebrate the golden season one last time, and today we’re giving you some of our favorite ideas for how to bring your multifamily residents together for a final summer celebration.

A Classic Summer Barbecue

This one may seem the most obvious, but it’s a classic for a reason. Outdoor barbecues are about as American as Labor Day Weekend, and in our book, they’re the best way to spend a lazy summer day. Pick either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and send out an email to residents in advance so people have time to mark their calendars and spread the word to friends. You can choose to sponsor the event with food and drink or turn the gathering into a nice potluck where everybody chips in and brings their favorite dish. This is a great way to highlight your community amenities, such as the swimming pool or outdoor grills, as well as bring everyone together one last time before fall rolls around.

A Kid’s Get-Together

If your community has a significant number of families, it’s a great idea to host a gathering that’s catered to school-aged children. Many folks move and relocate in the summer months, and it can ease the nerves of moms, dads, and children alike to meet and mingle with their neighbors before the school year begins. This event can be hosted inside or out and should have a few classic games on hand to keep the little ones engaged. If it’s a nice, sunny day, organize Capture the Flag, or if you’re taking it indoors, set up super-sized Jenga or Twister. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand, and let the games begin!

Organize a Drive

Another great way to bring community together is to organize a fundraiser for a local cause. School teachers in many public-school systems often have trouble stocking up on classroom necessities before the year begins, and a community drive can be the perfect antidote to that. Reach out to local non-profits and get a sense of what may be needed in your community, then enlist the help of residents who are game to volunteer. Coming together for a good cause is a win-win.

Host a Movie Night

Admittedly, Labor Day Weekend can be a quiet time in multifamily communities. Many residents may have one last road trip planned, and therefore won’t be in town for the festivities. If you have the sense that many of your community members have skipped town, consider hosting a quiet movie night for the folks who are still around. Take a quick poll over email or social media to get a feel for what type of movie your residents might be interested in, and then set up your clubhouse lounge or common area for comfortable viewing on Saturday or Sunday evening. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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