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Tips for Creating the Perfect Apartment Accent Wall

Tips for Creating the Perfect Apartment Accent Wall

If you’re someone who’s always shied away from bright or bold colors in the home, we hear you. It can be intimidating to choose the right shade, and you may be worried that you’ll overpower the natural light in your home, or that you’ll get tired of a color scheme and have to buy all new furniture. However, with some careful consideration, an accent wall can be the perfect antidote to all of your fears. Today we’re sharing our most useful tips for how to take the plunge and spice up your apartment with a bold accent wall.

Pick your Spot

Before you head to the nearest paint store, you’ll want to identify the part of your apartment that needs some new life. Maybe your living room is feeling drab, your bathroom too small, or your bedroom in need of a calming blue or purple hue to help lull you to sleep. Whichever room you choose, you’ll want to carefully assess the wall you decide to paint. Pick the wall that you’re most drawn to in each room, or in other words, the natural focal point. For instance, in a bedroom, you’ll probably want to go for the wall that lies behind the head of your bed, and in the living room, a good bet is the wall you face when you walk in. This will help add to the dramatic effect of a carefully curated accent color.

Find your Shade

Once you’ve chosen the wall you’re going to paint, your next step will be to pick a color. Consider whether you want a warm or cool hue to the room, and take into consideration the room’s natural light. Rooms that get a lot of sunshine throughout the day have a warmer natural hue, and can benefit from cooler tones. The opposite is true for rooms that naturally have a cooler tone, based on placement in the home and size of the windows. When you have a rough idea in mind, head to the hardware store and get a few paint samples. You’ll want to swatch them out on the wall, as paint in the can and even on the sample card can look vastly different from room to room depending on lighting. While this is an extra step, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not stuck with gallons of paint of the wrong color.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can also go for something a bit different, such as wallpaper or a gallery accent wall. There are plenty of gorgeous patterns out there to choose from, and if you’re looking for a less-permanent option, you can check out a peel-off wallpaper, which allows you to experiment with different patterns and switch it up by the seasons. For a more classic look, try arranging your art in a way that really pops, by concentrating it all on one wall.

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