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Space-Saving Organizers for Items Always Left Out

Space-Saving Organizers for Items Always Left Out

Even when our homes are neat and tidy overall, there always seems to be a few things we just can’t stay on top of. Maybe these are the belongings we shed or drop soon after walking in the front door after a long day, or maybe they’re the random items we haven’t been able to find a home for quite yet. Either way, we can all relate, and today we’re providing you with our best organizing hacks to end the clutter that distracts us once and for all.


Shoes may be the biggest culprit of entryway clutter, particularly if you’re in the habit of kicking them off right as you walk into your home. Shoes take up a bunch of space, and they can look unruly and distracting when not stored properly. While run-of-the-mill shoe racks are better than nothing, they still take up a fair amount of space, and often are not so aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to solutions for this, you have a few options. You can get your shoe collection up off the floor with a hanging shoe rack that lives behind a closet or bedroom door, like this one from Urban Outfitters, or you can hide your shoes in plain sight with this innovative shoe cabinet from Ikea.


In the warmer, sunnier months in particular, it can be hard to keep track of these ever-important and fashionable additions to our ensembles. You probably take them off when you walk in the door, and they may be the last thing you’re looking to grab on your way out. Let’s be honest, it can be tough to delicately take your shades off, polish the lenses, and return them to their resting place in their case each and every time. However, they’re often expensive and you don’t want to damage or lose them. We’ve got solutions. For delicate or designer sunglasses that you want to keep extra-safe, you can try something like this storage box from the Container Store, which is velvet-lined with a clear lid that makes it easy to see what’s inside even as the contents are being kept safe and dust-free. If you play it a little fast and loose with your shades, try hanging a DIY shelf like the one outlined on You’ll never again forget to grab a pair on your way out the door.


Somehow, we still get a ton of mail these days, despite most things going digital. Often when we come in with the mail, it ends up in an unruly pile on the kitchen counter, collecting dust until we finally go through it. But part of having a peaceful, calm sightline throughout your home means eliminating clutter on surfaces, this week’s mail included. Luckily there are so many creative, aesthetically-pleasing options out there for mail organization. We’re loving this entryway rack from Wayfair that doubles as a key holder as well as a chalkboard for fun messages to roommates or family members.

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