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Bring Your Travel Memories Home With You This Summer

Bring Your Travel Memories Home With You This Summer

Summer is a time for adventure, vacation, and travel. Whether you’re heading to your tried-and-true beach town for this year’s annual trip, or you’re flying out of the country to a brand-new destination, you may find yourself wanting to bring a piece of your time away home with you. Follow our foolproof tips for how to best incorporate your summer memories into your home décor when vacation is over.

Shop Mindfully

No matter where you’re going on vacation, there are bound to be tourist traps. While we’ve all been guilty of purchasing a mass-produced product or two in our lifetime, try to be creative when looking for souvenirs. The goal is not to clutter your home with knick-knacks, but to choose something that captures the essence of your travel, that can bring you back to your adventurous time away with a quick glance to the shelf or cabinet. This will not only keep your memories alive but imbue your home with a distinct, unique look.

Ask the Locals

A great way to get some leads on good souvenirs is to chat with locals. Ask your bartender, server, or hotel concierge about specialty local products or goods that are unique to your location and may help to support the local economy. If there is a specific neighborhood or block that hosts artisans or craftsmen, head there to peruse around and find something special. In seaside towns, its common to find local artists who flock towards the excellent natural light to create paintings and watercolors, which can be a particularly special way to bring memories of your travels home with you.

Open your Mind

A souvenir doesn’t have to be a snow globe or sweatshirt, it can also be something edible like fine chocolates, jams and jellies, or even coffee, so long as it’ll survive your travels home. While these types of souvenirs may not last forever, they can be a sweet treat to get you through the month or so after you’re home from your trip and may be experiencing the post-vacation blues.

Consider a Gift

If you’re in a minimalist state of mind but still want to support the local economy, consider purchasing a gift for a friend or loved one. Maybe there’s an upcoming birthday, or maybe a family member missed the annual summer vacation and you’d love nothing more than to express you were thinking of them while away. A gift from a special place always beats one from the mall.

For more travel and lifestyle tips, or to find your new home this summer, contact an Olympus property near you today.