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Florals are Back: Here’s How to Incorporate them Into Your Home this Summer

Florals are Back: Here’s How to Incorporate them Into Your Home this Summer

You heard it here first—florals are in again. Before you roll your eyes, consider that this kind of pattern in trends is relatively common. We see all sorts of styles and looks come and go and then come back again, so it’s no big surprise that flowery patterns are back on the rise in the warmer months of 2019. Whether you consider yourself a fan of florals or not, there’s a way to incorporate them into just about any kind of interior style, and we’re here to show you how today.

Consider the Possibilities

If all that comes to mind when you think of florals is your grandmother’s dated wallpaper, or stuffy, old-timey homes with heavy, flowery drapes, you’re not alone. But a new modern twist on florals breathes some fresh air into an old trend. When combined with a more modern, streamlined, minimalist look, an accent of florals can really cheer up any room and give your home that seasonal pop of color you’ve been looking for.

Go Big

If you’re partial to the pattern and feeling bold, you may consider a larger, statement piece to incorporate into your space. Check out this gorgeous modern-floral chaise lounge seat from Overstock that’s ideal for a reading nook by the window or an extra corner of your living room. Its bold, blue-and-purple pattern is perfect for a summery addition to a more neutral sitting area.

Or Start Small

If you’re still on the fence, try your hand at the floral game with a safe accent piece. If you don’t love it by summer’s end, no biggie, but at least you can experiment a bit with the trend to see how it feels and what it may bring to your space. This crisp white throw pillow with just a pop of color from Etsy even allows you to personalize your space with a monogram feature. For a fun, seasonal twist try this reversible floral throw cover from Pottery Barn that you can flip to the striped side if you decide you’re over the floral look.

Experiment with a Single Room

If you want to leave your living room as is, you can try florals either in your bedroom or bathroom. Floral print sheets paired with a solid duvet cover makes for a fun, cheery look, and a floral shower curtain like this one Joss and Main from can brighten up the bathroom without too big of an investment.

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