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The Best At-Home Speakers for Summer Jams

The Best At-Home Speakers for Summer Jams

Summer is here, and whether you’re planning on a season of patio parties, dinner gatherings, or just the occasional holiday get together, it’s important to accompany the season with your favorite tunes. When it comes to electronics in the home, today’s market can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many different products boasting different results, and sometimes it seems that as soon as you buy the latest technology, it quickly becomes obsolete. Today we’re sharing our favorite sound systems for your apartment, from budget-friendly to splurge items, that will deliver your favorite jams through the summer and beyond.

Sonos One

This compact, high-quality speaker line is widely acclaimed as the best in the business. Designed with Truplay technology, the Sonos One speaker adjusts to whatever room it’s in to deliver the best sound. It’s efficient to set up and easy to use--simply download the Sonos app and follow the instruction provided. The speaker is responsive to voice, and has the ability to connect to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as your phone and favorite music apps. The best part is, you can start with one speaker, and add others to subsequent rooms within your home, with the choice to either connect them for synced sound, or listen independently. For its quality, the Sonos One is fairly budget-friendly, at just $169.00 for the Gen 1 model. Check out the Sonos line here.

The Wonderboom

This little speaker lives up to its fun-lovin’ name. At about 4 x 3 inches, the Wonderboom is a miniature, portable speaker that packs a full-size sound. Not only is this gadget portable with a battery life of up to 10 hours of tunes, but it’s also waterproof, making it a fantastic option for the beach, pool, or even the shower or tub. It’s got a small hook on top, making it easy to hang outside on a patio, from a hook in your bathroom, or attached to a bag or backpack for an on-the-go party. Plus, at under $100, it’s a great, cost-effective addition to your summer vibe. Shop it here.

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

This splurge item is worth every penny. A sleek, gorgeous design combined with unbeatable, studio-quality sound makes this a treasured addition to any home. If you’re a music junkie or particularly intrigued by sound quality, this speaker is for you. Connect to it using Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth technology, or a trusty aux cord. If you’re in the market, check it out here.

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