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The Season’s Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Newlyweds

The Season’s Best Kitchen Tools and Gadgets for Newlyweds

Save the Dates have arrived and been stuck to the fridge, and chances are you’re preparing to attend at least one wedding this season. You’ve found the perfect outfit, your travel plans are made, and the only thing that’s left to figure out is the gift. While registries can be overwhelming and not exactly budget-friendly, you may feel a check is impersonal. Not to worry, we’ve got your guide for the best kitchen tools and gadgets to gift the newlyweds in your life this year.

Keep it Simple and Classic

If there’s a central theme to choosing the best kitchen tools for the bride-and-groom-to-be, it’s that classic, well-made items that last a lifetime are the best investment. Sure, it might be tempting to gift something unique or fancy, but what better gift is there than something your loved ones can use every day, for the rest of their days? If you decide to go this route, we suggest looking into a stainless-steel pot and pan set from All-Clad. This high-quality addition to the kitchen can change your cooking game forever, and they really do last that long. For a gift that’s a bit more budget-friendly, try a set of stainless-steel mixing bowls that are ideal for cooking, marinating, and baking.

Go for User-Friendly Gadgets

Most couples getting married these days are juggling more than just their wedding plans. Full-time jobs, new homes, pets, hobbies, and everyday responsibilities often take precedence over elaborate full-course dinners each night. Enter, the Instant Pot--an upgrade to the much-loved and adored slow cooker, the Instant Pot allows you to cook just about anything in a fraction of the time without sacrificing quality and flavor. From stews, chilis, soups, and rice, to poultry, porridge, and even yogurt, the Instant Pot can help you do it all. Plus, they’re relatively cost-effective when it comes to a wedding registry. We’re loving this best-selling Duo model.

Give the Gift of Good Coffee

One of the more luxurious but also practical gifts you can give a pair of newlyweds is the guarantee of good coffee each morning without having to leave the house. Many busy working folks stop at cafes and coffee shops each morning, spending what seems like nothing on a daily cup of coffee, but at the end of a month it can really add up. We’re suggesting you invest in Nespresso’s Vertuoline Evoluo Espresso Machine, and say goodbye forever to sub-par drip coffee machines and pricey Starbucks orders. This machine makes delicious Italian espresso, but also has an American coffee option as well for those who want to keep it simple in the morning. It doesn’t take up too much space on the counter, and your loved ones will appreciate starting each day with a quality cup of joe.

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