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Tips for the Perfect Long Weekend Staycation

Tips for the Perfect Long Weekend Staycation

While everyone loves a long weekend, sometimes we have the tendency to over plan, over stress, and worry too much about crafting the perfect weekend away to kick off the summer months. If you’ve left town for a long weekend before, chances are you know all about the insane traffic, crowded airports, and overrun beaches that await you on your mini-vacation, so why not stick around and enjoy what’s waiting for you in your own backyard? We’ve got some of our favorite tips for how to make the most of the upcoming holiday weekend without ever leaving town.

Prep like You’re Going Away

Now, this may sound counterintuitive, but hear us out. If you prep your home, laundry, chores, and household tasks in the week leading up to the weekend the way you would if you were traveling, you’ll actually get to enjoy your weekend at home. The idea here is to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere so that you can carve out time to enjoy yourself, and take a break from the everyday tasks that weigh on you and take up precious headspace. This weekend is all about unwinding, so make sure your home is in order before heading into Friday evening.

Look out for Local Activities

While we often assume that the fun and excitement is elsewhere on the weekend, it’s likely that there’s a ton of activities going on right in your backyard. Ask around at work, or browse local blogs for announcements about community events. Maybe there’s a special farmer’s market gathering, or a movie being screened at your local park. If something piques your interest, corral some friends or family members and make it a point to get out and enjoy your community.

Pamper Yourself

If you’re choosing to stay at home for the holiday weekend, perhaps you have a little bit leftover in the budget to treat yourself. Make some time for self-care, and spring for that massage, mani-pedi, or facial you’ve been thinking about. If it’s not within your budget, try organizing an at-home spa day using homemade face masks or DIY manis.

Get Outdoors

If the weather cooperates, make sure you schedule some time outdoors. We spend so much of our time cooped up inside, and it’s important to immerse ourselves in nature when we have the opportunity to. This could mean looking into local trails or hikes you’ve yet to try, or simply organizing a picnic in the park with friends. Take some time to soak up that Vitamin D, but don’t forget your sunscreen!

If you’re looking for a home this summer season, be sure to reach out to us at Olympus today. Happy Memorial Day!