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4 Quick and Fun Springtime Recipes

4 Quick and Fun Springtime Recipes

Those first sunshine-filled days after the long winter months bring joy to just about everyone. By the end of March, we’ve had our fill of hearty winter dishes, chilis, and soups, and it’s time to freshen up the menu to reflect what’s going on outdoors. Spring is a great time to start incorporating seasonal veggies and lighter ingredients into our weekly meal plans, and today we’ve got four fun and easy recipes to embrace this season.

Incorporate Seasonal Veggies

In our opinion, fresh greens are one of the best things about springtime. Whether you’re growing them yourself, picking them up at the farmer’s market, or perusing your local grocery store, there are a few must-have spring vegetables to get familiar with. We personally love a fresh spring arugula, asparagus, or rhubarb, as they’re versatile, delicious, and guilt-free. Try this zesty Spring Asparagus and Feta Salad from Food and Wine for a healthy app that’s perfect for a dinner party.

Go Lighter

Another nice thing about the warmer weather is that it has our bodies naturally craving lighter, more refreshing meals. As some of us try to trim up for beach season, this can be particularly helpful. Opt for leaner protein like chicken or fish, and swap out bulky rolls for light lettuce wraps. We love [this[( take on a traditional chicken salad, using avocado instead of mayo, and this chilled, plant-based gazpacho soup.

But, Don’t Forget Dessert

Among all this talk of veggies, it’s important that we don’t forget a sweet treat every once in a while. Even if we’re going for lighter, healthier fare, there’s always a way to satisfy that sweet tooth in a seasonal fashion. We’re loving these Mini Strawberry Tarts made with pistachio crust, cream cheese, lemon zest, and berries, as well as this Lemon-Orange Chiffon Cake topped with edible flowers, both from Southern Living. These are ideal for a holiday party or afternoon barbecue, and will be gone in a flash!

And a Seasonal Beverage!

Warmer weather welcomes back our favorite seasonal drinks that we look forward to all winter long. Whether that’s the first iced coffee on a warm spring afternoon, or an ice-cold beer on the front porch as the sun sets, we all have our favorites. This year, we’re looking to mix it up a bit and embrace that fresh spring feel. For an adult beverage, try this unique Sorrel-Lime Cooler from Martha Stewart, which incorporates thinly sliced sorrel leaves, agave nectar, seltzer, limes, and vodka for a refreshing, spring-forward cocktail. Simply replace the vodka with water for a light, non-alcoholic option guaranteed to brighten up any dinner or patio table.

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