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5 Interior Design Instagrams to Follow for Inspo

5 Interior Design Instagrams to Follow for Inspo

The rise of social media and its influence on us is a hot-button issue these days, and while at times it can feel like it’s taking over our social lives, scrolling through your most-used apps can have some benefits as well. We love following accounts that inspire us with new ideas and visions, especially when it comes to interior design. Today we’re sharing a few of our faves with you, and we hope they can spark some creative breakthroughs for you and your home.


Emily Henderson is a stylist and New York Times bestselling author whose Instagram page gives us life every day. Emily shares stunning pictures of clean, rustic-modern interiors along with tips for ways to incorporate her style into your own space. She brings a sweet, personal touch to her stories and posts and is soon to be one of your new favorite follows.


Based in San Franciso, Christina Higham is an interior designer who incorporates vibrant colors and a beachy feel for a more relaxed, homey vibe. She shares much of her own home in her profile, and emphasizes the need for smart design that works in any space, no matter the size or layout.


For that classic minimalist, chic, neutral-toned look, head over to Niki Brantmark’s page. Her unique style inspires us to cut down on what we don’t need to make room for and the unique elements of home design that make our space feel truly ours. We especially love her emphasis on hanging art and house plants in the most aesthetically pleasing way.


For a boost of bold color and texture pairings, head over to Nick Olsen’s page, where you’ll find a healthy mix of design inspo and humor. Olsen discovered his love for interior design after being hired to assist Miles Redd straight out of college. His discerning eye and funky taste help us to think outside the box when it comes to decking out our space.


Based out of New York City, Sara Gilbane is an interior designer known for her traditional style with a modern, girly twist. Her bright, feminine patterns pair perfectly with more classic pieces, and her Insta feed is as aesthetically pleasing as it is inspiring.

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting designers to follow and learn from. Let us know if you have any favorites we missed here! And if you’re looking for a home to make your own, reach out to an Olympus property near you today.