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4 Simple Tips for an Organized Fridge

4 Simple Tips for an Organized Fridge

A few weeks back, we brought you some tips on how to keep your kitchen counters and cupboards neat and tidy. What we didn’t address was the refrigerator; that vast, chilly abyss that has the ability to get far more cluttered than we sometimes realize. Today we’re remedying that, with four simple steps to get your fridge in order once and for all.

Kick it Off with a Purge

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; every good organization process starts with a major purge of unused and unwanted items. When you take stock of what you have, we’re willing to bet you’ll be surprised by some expiration dates and leftover containers you assumed had gone missing long ago. Set aside the time and energy to take each and every item out of your refrigerator and toss or recycle the things you no longer need. Not only will this reduce clutter, but having everything out of your fridge will allow you to be mindful about how you put it back in.

Organize by Use

When it comes to the different sections in the fridge, do yourself a favor and put the food you use the most frequently on the top, front and center, so it’s easy to get to. If you’re making an attempt to eat healthier, you may also want to put fruits, vegetable, and healthy snacks in clear view so you’re inclined to reach for that before the junk. If your refrigerator has adjustable shelves, take advantage of this by customizing the height and space between to fit your individual storage needs.

Enlist the Help of Tools

There are so many products on the market that can aid in your refrigerator organization dreams, and we suggest you take advantage of them. If you love to store canned seltzer or soda, but are always struggling with cumbersome cardboard packaging, check out these awesome dispensers that keep your cans in line without taking up too much space. You may also want to consider these stackable, sliding bins for storing like items together. If you usually have a pretty full fridge, this is a great way to be able to slide out a single container to get what you need.


Now that your space is neat and tidy, it’s time to bust out the label maker. Marking distinct sections of the door and shelves for different food groups, condiments, sauces, and beverages will help you to keep your fridge in order throughout your busy days. When we see a label clearly stating an organizational method, it’s much easier to hold ourselves accountable and stick to the system.

If you’re looking for a home of your own to organize to your heart’s content, reach out to an Olympus property near you.