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Three At-Home Challenges for this Three-Day Weekend

Three At-Home Challenges for this Three-Day Weekend

While it may not be as momentous as Memorial Day Weekend, many folks have the day off for President’s Day, and we think it’s time to take advantage of this mini-holiday in mid-February. If you know you’ll be staying in town for the weekend, it can be fun to mix up your regular routine and challenge yourself to do something different with your extra day off. From DIY home improvement, to mind-stretching exercises, we’ve pooled together some of our favorite ideas to share with you today.

Pick a (Mini) Project

Look around your home and pick one thing that you’ve been putting off that you know you can realistically get done in one or two days this weekend. Whether that’s going through the clothing in your dresser, organizing the pots and pans section of your kitchen, or finally framing and hanging those pictures from last summer’s vacation, choose a task and mentally commit to getting it done. If you live with a partner or roommates, check in with them to see if they would be up to help you, or at least hold you accountable, and then set aside some time to gather any materials you may need. Ideally, you’ll complete this mini home-improvement task early on in the weekend, so that you still have some time left over to relax and enjoy your day off.

Finish a Book

While many of us set intentions to stay on top of our reading game, work, life, TV, social media, and distractions often get in the way. When you have a three-day chunk of time off, it can be a great opportunity to either start a new book or pick a half-read story up from your nightstand again. If you’re a quick reader, consider challenging yourself to finish the book by the end of the weekend. It’s a wonderful feeling to get lost inside of a story for hours, and on the rare occasions when you have the time to do that, it’s totally worth it.

Cook a New Meal

Instead of going out to eat on Friday or Saturday night, resolve to find a new recipe to tackle at home. If there’s something complex you’ve been meaning to explore, a long weekend is a great time to do just that. If you’re more of a novice chef, start basic and enlist help from a partner or group of friends. Pro tip: start perusing recipes a few days in advance so that you’re fully prepared with ingredients and well aware of the amount of time you’ll need to complete the recipe. There’s nothing worse than discovering a “marinate overnight” instruction when your stomach is already grumbling.

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