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Fight the Winter Blues with these Fun Tips

Fight the Winter Blues with these Fun Tips

It may be dark and cold outside, but there’s no reason that your home should reflect the winter dreariness. At this point in the season it can be beneficial to breathe some new life into our spaces as we approach the second half of winter with spring at the end of the tunnel. We’re sharing our favorite tips to brighten up your interior and get us all through this final stretch of the season.

A New Alarm Clock

This low-budget addition to your night stand can mix up your routine and make it a little bit easier to get out of bed on dark, chilly mornings. While many people use their phone as an alarm, we recommend looking into brands that feature relaxing tunes and tones, so that you no longer stop to a lurch in public when you hear your alarm clock ring coming through a stranger’s phone. We love this light-powered clock from Home Labs with a sunrise feature that gradually brightens to stimulate your senses and let your brain know it’s ready for a new day. Plus, it comes in a variety of cute colors for your individual preference.

Ditch Your Screens

One benefit of winter is that you don’t actually need the mesh screens that live in your windows if you’re not opening them all season. You’d be surprised at how much extra light pours in when you remove your screens as barriers, and in the winter, we’ll take any natural light we can get. This also gives you a chance to dust and clean them off in time to put them back in when the weather permits.

Grab some Greenery

While many outdoor vegetation is frozen over, there’s no reason you can’t invite some greenery into your home in the form of flowers or house plants. Visually, a small plant or shrub in each room can really boost your mood in a subtle way. They look fresh, smell fantastic, and provide much-needed texture for your interior. Check out our previous blog for a handy guide to buying house plants for each room.

Switch up Drapery

Along with getting rid of your screens, changing up your drapery and window treatments to reflect the season is a great way to attract more mood-boosting natural light into your space. Opt for lighter, less opaque fabric that allows the sun to stream in throughout the day. You can also go for brighter colors to add some cheer.

Invest in a Light Therapy Lamp

If you’re someone who is particularly affected by the change of seasons and the darkness winter can bring, it may be worth it to invest in what many people call their “happy lamp.” These relatively inexpensive light boxes can be placed on desks or bedside tables, and are typically used for a short period of time each day, either while you are reading, drinking your morning coffee, or getting some work done from home. This model is sleek, light-weight, and portable, so you can get your happy on no matter where you go.

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