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4 Easy Ways to get to Know your Neighbors this Year

4 Easy Ways to get to Know your Neighbors this Year

No matter where you fall on the introvert to extrovert scale, there’s something that feels good about a positive relationship with neighbors. They’re there when you get locked out of your house, need a hand moving a large item, or simply want someone to chat with over a glass of wine at the end of a long week. Despite our physical proximity to neighbors, often we know very little about the folks we share space with. This year, we’re putting in a conscious effort to reach out to neighbors and form community bonds, so we figured we’d share some easy tips to help you connect with those around you in 2019.

Strike up a Conversation

This one sounds obvious, but it really is the only place to start. While this appears to be a simple step, many people have trouble being the first to say hello. If you’re struggling with this, find some common ground to start with. Maybe you’re an animal lover, and you’ve noticed your neighbor walking a particularly cute pup around the block recently. Or maybe you’ve been admiring their plant game and would love some tips on how to keep a beautiful garden. This type of middle ground is the perfect way to strike up a friendly conversation and explore common interests with those around you.

Organize a Community Effort

If one-on-one interaction is intimidating to you, get the whole neighborhood involved. Enlist a friend to help you organize a community effort like a winter clothing drive or a Saturday volunteer group. This works particularly well in apartment communities, where you can post information around the neighborhood, or send out a group email to the residents you live amongst. Bringing people together with a shared goal in mind is a surefire way to promote connection and provide a space and time where folks can chat and get to know each other while contributing to a good cause.

Offer to Help

Keeping an eye out for a neighbor in need and offering your services is the perfect way to promote goodwill and a friendly neighborhood vibe. Whether that means bringing dinner to an elderly neighbor, or helping a new face move in some of their boxes, you’re sure to make a new friend and build neighborly trust. While you’re helping out your neighbor, consider exchanging contact information that you can both have on hand in case you ever need it.

Host a Gathering

Starting a neighborhood tradition such as a monthly potluck dinner or movie night is a great way to start building lasting relationships. If you have the space in your home, consider hosting your community members for a get together. You can have each guest bring their favorite dish for easy bonding and even easier prep for you. If you don’t have the space for the whole neighborhood, consider asking your property manager for permission to use your resident clubhouse for a get-together, or find a favorite local spot to gather in town.

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