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Celebrate the Holidays Multi-Family Style

Celebrate the Holidays Multi-Family Style

For some, the countdown has begun, and for others, their winter holiday is well underway. No matter what you celebrate, this festive month offers a chance for multi-family properties to come together to mingle, celebrate, and give back. Today we’re sharing some of our tried-and-true tips and ideas for how to make the most of the holiday season in your community this year.

Be Sure to be Inclusive

Community decorations are festive, exciting, and lift everyone’s spirits on days when the sun is setting closer to 4 PM. However, it is imperative that these communal decorations are respectful and mindful of each holiday being celebrated this season. Along with a Christmas tree in the main lobby should be a menorah for Hanukah (you still have a few days left of the holiday if you haven’t considered this yet) and a Kinara for Kwanzaa which begins on the 26th of the month. You may even want to invite some feedback from residents on what types of festive décor they would like to see in your communal spaces, so that you can be inclusive of families from all backgrounds.

Give Back

One of our favorite things about this time of year is that it’s a perfect reminder to give back to your community if you’re able to. A great way to do that in a multi-family community is to organize a charitable effort that your residents can take part in. We love the Salvation Army’s idea of an Angel Tree, where families with the means to do so can “adopt” a child in need to buy gifts for on Christmas. Do a quick search of local initiatives like this one in your area, and send out an email to residents about joining forces to give back. You can even suggest that neighbors team up to sponsor a child or a family, creating an awesome opportunity to collaborate and get to know other community members, all while working for a good cause.

Potluck Party

Another great way to spread the cheer this season is to invite your community members to a potluck event at the resident clubhouse. Pick a weekend of the month that’s not too close to the holidays so you can ensure residents will be in town, and invite your neighborhood to bring their favorite dish from their family’s holiday celebration. This is another great way to be inclusive of different holidays, spread the cheer, and let residents mingle and bond with one another.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this holiday season in your multi-family property, we hope it’s a time of good health, happiness, and giving.

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