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Your Complete Guide to Black Friday Deals for the Home

Your Complete Guide to Black Friday Deals for the Home

Black Friday is upon us, and whether you’re planning to line up outside or score some deals online from home, we’ve got the guide you need to read before the big retail weekend.

Here are a few tips or tricks for conquering the day:

Make a List

Before you head into the Black Friday abyss, make a list outlining the things you really need (or want) so you can stay focused amidst a barrage of deals. When making your list you may also want to consider some early holiday shopping for loved ones. It feels great to get some of your gifts knocked off your to-do list early on in the season.

As you’re making your list, be sure to be specific. If you’re in the market for a new TV for the living room, do your research well beforehand, decide on the features you want, and figure out the price it usually goes for. That way you can watch the exact model and wait for prices to drop, instead of jumping on the first deal you see, which might not actually be saving you all that much money.

Widen Your Search

While Black Friday deals are known to be tech and appliance-centered, you may also want to be on the lookout for special sales that will help you affordably upgrade your everyday go-to’s. Take an inventory of your household necessities like bath towels, sheets, and linens. You may be able to fully upgrade your household supply to plush new materials at a major discount.

Save on Shipping

If you’re shopping on Amazon Prime, you may be used to the luxury of two-day shipping. However, if you’re willing to forego rush shipping for your fluffy new bath towels, you have the option to click the No-Rush Shipping tab at checkout, and receive store credit in return for your patience. The credit varies by item and time of checkout, but you can end up scoring some bucks that might help in the long run. Amazon breaks down their No-Rush incentive program here.

Know What to Skip

While many prices are slashed on Black Friday, there are some things that you’ll want to skip. Electronics like laptops, particularly Apple products, are best purchased during the early Fall, when back-to-school sales are in full effect. This weekend, shift your attention to smaller electronics like Bluetooth speakers and smart home appliances that you’ll be able to score some serious savings on.

Don’t Forget Small Business Saturday

While big box stores and online retailers may have the most dramatic deals, be sure to get out on Saturday to support businesses in your local area who price slash on their own scale in order to participate in the retail frenzy. By visiting your neighborhood stores, you’ll be supporting local businesses, bumping into neighbors and friends, and coming away with more personal items that will last a lifetime.

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