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How to be a Gracious Guest this Holiday Season

How to be a Gracious Guest this Holiday Season

Last week, we talked all about our favorite tips for nailing the host game this holiday season. However, if you’re on the guest list for Thanksgiving next week and holiday parties to come, we’ve got some tips for you as well. Today’s blog highlights our favorite ways to spread the seasonal cheer and say thank you to your host for sharing their home with you during these festive times. Whether you’re headed to your Olympus neighbors for a dinner party, or traveling home for the holidays, check out these ideas to help you shine bright as a gracious guest during the season of giving.

Come Bearing Gifts

The holiday season is all about giving, and in return for welcoming you into their home, provide your host with something sweet to commemorate the occasion. There’s no need to break the bank in order to show your gratitude, in fact, affordable and homemade gifts can often send an even more personal message. While candles have been labeled cliché housewarming gifts, we beg to differ. Today’s candle market allows you to curate your gift to your host’s personal style and taste, and nothing is quite as warm and cozy as a scented candle flickering on a chilly winter night. We love this Capri Blue Cinnamon Noir candle from Anthropologie for the ultimate holiday scent.

For something a bit more outside the box, try a seasonal décor item that catches your eye. While they may covet them, many people may be hesitant to splurge on home accents that can only be used a few months of the year, which is why they make the perfect gift. We love these cute fall-themed kitchen towels from Target and so will your friends and family.

Ask How You Can Help

While the holiday season is a joyous time, it can also be stressful for those hosting big events. You can help take some of the load off by asking your host at least a week in advance how you can help and what you can bring. Offer to make a signature dish, appetizer, or dessert and make a little extra for your host to enjoy once the party is over. If you’re not exactly chef-material, offer to supplement the beverage supply, or ask if your host needs any extra items like ice, paper goods, or cutlery. It also never hurts to check in the day-of and see if any last-minute ingredients are needed.

Mix, Mingle, and Have Fun

If you’re headed to a friend’s house, or are at a large family gathering where some people may not know each other, help the host out by introducing folks and helping to facilitate cheerful conversation. Getting a home ready, cooking dinner, and tending to drinks is a lot for any party planner to manage, and sometimes it’s difficult to also keep an eye on the shyer house guests to make sure everyone is having a good time. You’ll be an immense help to your host by stepping in in this regard, and you may even meet some new friends while you’re at it.

Are you looking for a home to settle into this holiday season? Contact Olympus today to find your ideal fit!