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Thanksgiving Prep Tips to Keep you Cool, Calm, and Collected

Thanksgiving Prep Tips to Keep you Cool, Calm, and Collected

Whether you’re a first-time host or a seasoned pro, everybody needs some new ideas and tips at the start of November. We’ve officially entered the vibrant holiday season, and it’s likely that you’ll be hosting friends and family at some point in the next two months, whether that’s for Friendsgiving, Turkey Day proper, or simply a holiday get-together. Luckily, at Olympus properties, you already have a gourmet-kitchen fully equipped with all the tools you need, and today we’re sharing our favorite hostess go-to’s to round out your holiday experience.

Simple Décor

While it’s tempting to go all-out and spend lots of time and money decorating your pad for the holidays, they come in such quick succession that it’s sometimes better to go minimal, as long as you’re still getting the cozy, seasonal feel you’re after. For a holiday like Thanksgiving, food is the main event, but you can still get creative with simple, DIY table arrangements and home décor. Check out these table arrangement tips from Maison de Pax, including the seriously simple mini pumpkin option. You may also want to get some festive place cards for guests at your table—stick them in small pine cones for an easy way to dress up any place setting.

Plan Ahead!

We cannot stress this one enough. When you’re planning your menu (and you may want to start soon if you haven’t already) keep an eye out for dishes that can be made a few days in advance and reheated on the big day. This includes casseroles, pies, and even some sauces and sides. Try to help your future self out by doing a little bit each day in the days leading up to the holiday. This will help you to be able to relax and enjoy your company on Thursday. It may also give you a leg up at the grocery store—you’re less likely to run into ingredient competition if you’re prepped and ready to go the week before.

Spring for a Signature Drink

We know we said to keep things simple, but a signature holiday cocktail or mocktail can add that personal touch that will make your gathering special. And it doesn’t have to be complex! We recommend a big batch cocktail that you can prepare in pitchers and serve as needed, no bartender required. We love this Spiced Orange Champagne Punch, combining blood orange juice, white wine, and champagne with seasonal spices for a festive affair. Double or triple the recipe depending on your crowd. For a non-alcoholic option, try this Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider, which can also be pre-batched for happy hosting.

When it comes to the big event, take a deep breath and dive in. And remember, at the end of the day, it’s about spending time with your loved ones, so try not to sweat the small stuff. If you’re still on the hunt for a home you can be proud to host at, contact an Olympus property near you today.